The Old Fogies go to Hong Kong Park

 Looking to get away from the stifling Central district, we sought refuge in Hong Kong Park. Although relatively new (the park opened in 1991), part of the site was known as Cantonment Hill in early colonial days in 1840s. This was also the site of the Victoria Barracks, built between 1867 and 1910.

Hong Kong Park covers an area of 8 hectares and is a very pleasant mixture of old and new which blends nicely in the natural landscape. On a hot steamy day, it was nice to sit next to the various water features which include waterfalls, streams and ponds.

Around the park are a number of historic buildings dating from the colonial period, Flagstaff House built in 1846) now houses the Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware, the Cassels Block from the former barracks is now the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre since 1992 and Rawlinson House is now the Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry.

The park is very attractive, full of interesting little corners including an Olympic square, lily ponds, fountains, unusual sculptures, Flagstaff House is in front of the Lippo towers that look like they have Koalas attached .

The park also has a large aviary with over 80 species of birds living in a designed tropical ‘rainforest’. 

The walkways take you amongst the canopy and provides great vantage points to watch the birds.

One thing that you will notice as you walk around is that the official organisations within Hong Kong do love signs. They leave nothing to chance, warning you of all the dangers in the park.

If you are visiting Hong Kong, Hong Kong Park is well worth a visit and a peaceful oasis amongst the high rises. It is well designed to provide plenty of interest with stunning views of the various tall buildings in the Central district.

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