A Cruise on Loch Lomond

One of the benefits of staying in Glasgow is that you have easy access to a number of Scotland’s most famous attractions including Loch Lomond. Visitors can take a 50 minute train ride from the middle of Glasgow to Balloch.

Balloch is on the southern shores of Loch Lomond and considered an important gateway for boats entering Loch Lomond. When you arrive at Balloch station, there is a VisitScotland iCentre (opposite the railway station) and boats for loch cruises leave from the nearby bridge to take the short trip on the River Leven before you enter the loch. If you are waiting for a cruise, you can take the short walk to Loch Lomond Stores which is a large visitor and shopping complex.

When you board the small cruise ship, the loch stretches ahead and you quickly become aware of the stunning scenery in the distance. Dotted around the loch is around thirty islands, one of the largest is Inchmurrin, which is the largest island in a body of freshwater in the British Isles. It is suggested that many of the smaller islands are crannogs, artificial islands built in prehistoric periods.

Just before you enter the loch, visitors see The Maid of the Loch which was the last paddle steamer built in Britain. Built on the Clyde in 1953, she operated on Loch Lomond for 29 years and is now being restored.

Loch Lomond has always been an important place in Scottish history and the old castles were gradually replaced by large well built houses for wealthy industrialists and landowners in the 19th century. More recent additions are two world famous golf courses namely the Loch Lomond Golf Club and The Carrick Golf Club.

Loch Lomond is one of Scotland’s premier boating and watersports venues and the loch includes many kinds of watercraft including kayaks, canoes, windsurfers, jet skis, speedboats, cruisers and there is also a sea plane service that operates from the loch.

When you get back to land, a walk to the nearby Loch Lomond Shores offers wonderful views, shopping and lots of children’s entertainment including a large Sea Life Aquarium.

If your time is limited a trip to Loch Lomond gives you a taste of Scotland’s breathtaking scenery within easy reach of Glasgow. If you want to spend more time around the loch, there are plenty of walking and cycling tours or water based activities.

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