Old Fogies Travel Books 
The Old Fogies like to think of themselves as independent travellers and although we have travelled extensively for the last 20 years, we are still learning especially from fellow travellers.

We believe there is nothing like experience to understand the deilights and pitfalls of any destination. That is why we started the blog to present a realistic view of travelling away from the Instagram picture perfect view which is not only unreal but unrealistic.

In our years travelling, we have tried many different ways of travelling including walking, coaches, rail travel, air travel and more recently cruising. All have their advantages and disadvantages but it is often the destination that dictates how you get there.

As we have got older, our travel has been dictated by the idea of finding the most comfortable, best value for money and enjoyable way of getting from A to B. Transport is just a way to achieve your travel goals, for the more independent traveller, transport is a means to an end, not an end in themselves.

In our travels we have relied on a number of guide books especially Lonely Planet, however some times you will carry a large book but only use a small part of information. Over time these guide books have been getting very expensive and are quickly out of date. More up to date alternatives sources of information are now freely available on the internet.

E Books offer a more instant and personal way for a reader to get up to date information in a more personal and specialised way. With this in mind we have published a number of small guides that take you on a real journey with all its ups and downs.

These real life adventures are part travelogue, part travel guide and part philosophical musing of life, the universe and everything.

The books has been designed especially for the formats available and features a number of stunning photographs and provides links to our videos.

We hope that you will enjoy the blog and the books and they are useful in your own travels.