A Trip to Pollok Country Park

Pollok Country Park is Glasgow’s largest park and the only Country Park within Glasgow. You can take a train from Glasgow Central Station and arrive at Pollokstown West in around 10 minutes, from the station it is a short walk to the Country Park.

This magnificent park was once part of the Old Pollok estate and was the ancestral home of the Maxwell Family for seven centuries. The parkland and house was gifted to the City of Glasgow in 1966 by the Maxwell Family and since then has become a firm favourite with the people of Glasgow and visitors.

Walking along the main path to Pollok House, visitors can admire the Highland cattle grazing in the fields or enter into the extensive woodland walks.

Behind the house and across the attractive bridge is a field that is home to a number of Shire or Heavy horses.

The Park has been the site of castles dating back to 1160 which have been destroyed over the centuries. The main building in the Park is now Pollok House which was built in 1752 and became the Maxwell family’s main residence. Pollok House is considered one of Glasgow’s most elegant family homes and is surrounded by Walled and Woodland Gardens.

The Walled Garden features mature yew hedges which section the garden into compartments containing seasonal bedding, collections of plants such as Hosta’s, Fuschia’s and herbaceous displays.

The Woodland garden contains many Rhododendron species collected by Sir John Stirling Maxwell who was a Rhododendron breeder and expert.

The Country Park also has a play park, a Countryside Ranger Centre, woodland walks, riverside walks, picnic areas and cycling paths.

Also within the parks grounds you can find the world famous Burrell Art Collection, although it is currently closed for refurbishment.

If you have had enough of Glasgow’s urban delights, in ten minutes you can be in the country with a trip to Pollok Country Park which attracts walkers, joggers, cyclists and families. The numerous attractions provide plenty of interest but most people come to the park to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside setting.

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